Uh Oh! Snooki Jionni Are Already Fighting!

31/12/2011 02:38

He's been there a day! He spent more time flying to get to Florence! How could there already be drama?!?! The photogs followed Snooki today as she and her boyfriend, Jionni, appeared to have a bit of an argument. Apparently, something went down with Snooks' man at the club the night before that upset our pint-sized [...]


Hot damn, he had better be! He IS that show!

Thankfully, according to Endemol North America chairman David Goldberg, Joe Rogan IS "very high on the list" of potential hosts for the just-announced reboot of Fear Factor!

Goldberg continues:

“Joe was a great host. I think his brand and his personality is associated with this show. This has all happened fairly fast. We’ll sit down with Joe and see if something he even wants to do. He’ll certainly be very high on the list.”

Ahhh! So we guess it's ultimately up to him!

Please, Joe?! Nobody does Fear Factor quite like you!

Fingers crossed that they can work it out!

What do U think?? Do U want to see Joe Rogan hosting Fear Factor again??

[Image via WENN.]

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