Prince William Kate Middleton American Tour Details

23/12/2011 02:26

The British are coming! Newly married Prince William and Kate Middleton are headed to America in what will no doubt be a whirlwind tour for the Royal couple. Details of where William and Kate are going and when have finally been revealed. However in true Royal fashion not all dates and locations have been released yet. From what has been revealed it looks like most of their time will be spent in Canada. is reporting that the Prince wants the chance to explore the country a little more. They will also be spending some time in Los Angeles but don’t expect them to be surrounded by your favorite A-listers. Word on the street is they consider this a business trip not a let’s see how many famous celebrities we can hang out with trip. So here is what we know so far about the Royal Tour, as I am calling it. June 30-July 2: The National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec) July 2: Montreal July 3: Quebec City July 3-4: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island July 4: Summerside, Prince Edward Island July 4-6: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories July 6-8: Calgary, Alberta July 8 Los Angeles That my friends is [...] Salvador Dali produit de défiscalisation plantes par correspondance organic products matelas literie