Justin Bieber LOVES Selena Gomez!

21/10/2011 23:44

Just look at this picture of the young couple!! Justin Bieber uploaded this instragrammed pic of him kissing his beloved Selena Gomez, and we think it is just too cute! The fedora, the feather, ah! Justin recently tweeted: gearing up for S AMERICA #myworldtour - who is coming? #latingirls Oh, we know, Justin! We know!

Hey LeAnn. Get ready. Your husband's going to lose his job in 3...2...1...

There was no way that NBC's new show The Playboy Club was going to compete with the likes of Two & A Half Men and Dancing With The Stars. But since they pushed it to 10 P.M., we thought it might have a shot at holding its own.

We were so wrong.

The Playboy Club finished a very distant third in the overnights with a weak 3.9/ 6 average rating between the two half hours. Only about 5 million people tuned in.

Tough break, Eddie Cibrian!

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