First Look! T.R. Knight On Law And Order: SVU!

23/02/2012 03:57

Oh! George O'Malley! What has happened to your hair?! Next Wednesday, T.R. Knight returns to television in riveting guest-spot on Law & Order: SVU. He plays a man accused of rape, who swears his innocence, even when all the proof points in his direction. Watch the promo for next week's all-new episode (above) and then click the [...]

There's a carafe of jelly beans and everything!

Dont' even stand there and pretend like you don't LOVE Diablo Cody and equally LOVE her online interviewing series, Red Band Trailer. Well, it's back and better than ever!

Check out Diablo's first episode back with the aDORKable John Krasinski (above)!

They talk The Office, his super writing skills and his link to the New Kids On The Block!

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