Demi Lovato Details: Eating Disorders, Sad Holidays, And Suicide

13/01/2012 03:23

It was a dark day at Disney when their star, Demi Lovato, checked herself into rehab for cutting and an eating disorder. But since her release in January, Demi has been doing GREAT on the road to recovery, and now she wants to open up about her lowest days. On the eating disorder: My family has known [...]

So for those of you who are skeptical as to how Bill O'Reilly can take the stance he does with the kind of show he himself produces, he does make an admission at one point of doing some of the same things. And oddly enough he does go on to ask some pretty good questions, too.

Then Nancy Grace almost loses her shizz trying to defend herself, not really disproving anything he critics have said about her on-air tactics against the acquitted Casey Anthony.

Check out the video above. We don't really agree with the verdict, but we also don't approve of how Grace has gone about with her coverage.

How do U feel about how she handled things?

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